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A small selection of projects I have worked on.


Below are a selection of projects I have worked on over the last few years. They range from large web applications with mobile apps to business card and letterhead design. These are just an overview, use the 'view entire project' button to see more of the work related to a particular project.

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Foiled Wedding Invitations

Geometric design over four cards.

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Bespoke design for a wedding with a geometric theme. The brief was for an invitation outside of the typical designs for invitations and wedding stationery. The design is printed on four pieces of card which, when put together, make up the square invite. Included with the cards in the envelope was a square piece of 180gsm paper with the map and meal options.

Robert Gilham Motorsport Logo Design

Logo design for racing driver Robert Gilham.

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This project started whilst sliding between trees down a gravel road in an old Ford S2000. It turned out that Robert, a professional racing driver and rally instructor at the rally school I was at that day, needed a personal logo for things such as his correspondence with sponsors and website. The logo needed to be clearly visible on his overalls, helmet and car whilst speeding around so the brief was to keep it simple and incorporate Robert's racing colours of orange and grey.

The Mill Hair Salon - branding design Tunbridge Wells

The Mill Hair Salon, a newly established hair salon in Rushlake Green, East Sussex required a complete branding solution.

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As a startup business, The Mill needed everything from the logo to the appointment cards and in between needed creating. The location of the newly built salon, an old mill building, was used as the basis for the name and the branding. I also designed and developed the salon's website.

Retro Formula One motorsport

Formula One liveries from the cars of decades past transferred to a 2013 car.

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This project started out of curiosity. Growing up watching Formula 1 through the 80's and 90's I loved the simple but striking liveries that used to adorn my heroes cars. Formula 1 cars in the 21st century, although still striking in terms of their looks, have become more of an exercise in advertising than artwork. I decided to try out some of the old liveries on a 21st century car shape. The resulting images (below) got picked up by motor blogs and magazines, even by the BBC's Top Gear who commissioned me to do six more based on what their blog readers requested.
logo design

Busy Young Fingers - branding design Tunbridge Wells

Busy Young Fingers is a brand new company creating products intended to help young children improve their motor skills.

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They came to me with a request for branding design, top of the list being a fun logo design that would appeal to children and adults alike. As the products are all based on using hands the idea was to include a hand in the logo somehow. The rest of the branding material such as business cards needed to have a more corporate feel to them.